Victoria Pidust                      
Art Fairs


Art Cologne, *New Positions, Galerie Judith Andreae

Enter Art Fair, Galerie Judith Andreae
Paris Photo, CURIOSA SECTOR, *Solo Booth 



RAW Photo Trienale Worpswede, 2023, Worpswede
Expect the Unexpected, Kunstmuseum Bonn, catalogue
Realms, JVDW gaallery, Düsseldorf
Only a part, not the hole, Lage Egal, Berlin

The lobster needs to get rid of its shell, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig
Artists Inside Berlin e.V., Junger Berliner Salon, ludwig space, Munich
Home. Perspectives., Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

Hot Little Pool Vol.1, Lobe Space, Berlin 
GRASSROOTS, JVDW space, Düsseldorf
Sirens are calling from the shadows, A:D:CURATORIAL, Berlin
Artist Inside fellowship, C&A Kaufcenter, Berlin
2022, CRONE, curated by festival, Vienna
IST-BLN, Ambidexter, Istanbul
nezrydani slyozy, Galerie Judith Andreae, Bonn
New Talents 2022, FUHRWERKSWAAGE, Cologne
POSTOST :  Україна / UKRAINE, Stiftung Neue Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin
Reclaim Award 2022, Cologne
Micro Macro, Arsenal gallery, Hvar
OUT OF OFFICE, FAHRENHEIT space with Galerie Judith Andreae, Berlin
Extension, BEL ETAGE project, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin
SUPER SUPER MARKT, 7 Himmel bio markt, Berlin
CONVERGENCE, KUNZTEN Show #1, Projektraum 145, Berlin

Cross-side crystal hybrid orbital, HVW8, Berlin
*AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. , Gallery Judith Andreae, Bonn
HYPERTEXT FICTION, Bistro21, Leipzig
BETWIXT, 054 Am Tacheles, Berlin
Which side up, Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße, Berlin
Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography, MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL, Kyiv
open-ended photography, Robert Morat Gallery, Berlin
PORÖS, Lobe Block, Berlin
Bildmassage, jvdw space, Düsseldorf *Solo
I will not think about this for too long, Kunstverein kjubh, Cologne *Solo
Mart Stam Prize 2020, Parterre, Berlin
Mart Stam Prize 2020, Kunstverein, Marburg

DIG IT, Caldo Worldwide, Online, Internet
Hybrids, ZERO FOLD, Cologne *Solo
Not canceled, Weserhalle, Berlin
Unbounded Unleashed Unforgiving, Haimney, Barcelona, Spain
New generation of contemporary art, Haimney, Artsy Online

STRG alt, Bar K Berlin, Berlin
*, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin
Painting Painting Painting, Vollreinigung Raum, Berlin

Material, SabotMimiFaster, Berlin
SPOT-T - project / 2nd edition, Venco, Berlin

EPISODE, Museum Kesselhaus, Berlin
Drag & Drop, curated by Victoria Pidust und Volo Bevza, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
H2, class from Werner Liebmann, SEZ, Berlin