Victoria Pidust                      


Tendency to unpredictable behaviour or erratic changes of mood (vocabulary)

Reality existing during different times and in different places in one point - it is some new non- existent condition of it. I found this effect in creation of 3D models of objects or people. The process is looks like taking photos of the short subject’s period of life from different points of views, almost in the same time. Than putting them on computer and having not enough predictable results, because i am not creating 3D models like does it say soft ware. I am making this with a lot of mistakes, that giving a chance to see a instability of objects or people. In this way i am trying to reach some visual and more concentrated feeling of variability and fluidity of the life in one picture.

They are about destroying and creation,
about simple and difficult things,
about the time and absence of it.

They are some instability effects of my life.

Everything is happening around.
Everything is happening inside.

May be I don’t need to know who I am. I just want to be a part of something that is happening around. Be reacting on a present, catching parts of it and combining them in new abstract feelings. Creating new combinations of colors and shapes, changing and cutting them on a way of digital thinking, i want to express instability of me and everything around.

Victoria Pidust